Days 1-3

Alaska Support Crew here: GW and I flew into Seattle and were picked up by Sandlin (Alaska Support Crew's sister and most importantly the kidney donor) and her husband Matt. We (read Matt and GW) built his bike in the airport.

We hit the road and stopped to eat dinner, get GW some supplies, and then stopped again for some more supplies. We camped out in Sumas Washington, which is right on the boarder of Canada.

In the morning, GW and Matt loaded up their bikes (Matt decided he wouldn't mind riding with GW for the first 2 days) and went to the boarder. GW went and got his passport stamped and they allowed him to circle the building so he could say he was actually in Canada.

GW and Kelsey coming back into the U.S.

Sandlin and I then let the boys start their rides. It was a little emotional, after over a year of planning GW was finally going to go on his adventure and be the GW I had missed so much during his sickness.

The boys started riding and the ladies went to Concrete Washington where we met up with Sandlin's MIL Betty. We had lunch, went on a beautiful hike, and then met up with the guys for dinner at arguably one of the best pizza shops we have encountered on the West Coast.

It was then that GW revealed that he was actually completely exhausted because he hadn't slept at all the previous night due to excitement and nerves. It was decided that instead of getting to Marble Mount, we would sleep at Betty's house so he could get a really good night's sleep and tackle the extra mileage in the morning.

The boys got off to a great start the next morning, and even met a fellow bike packer who was headed to North Carolina. We shared some hard boiled eggs with him

Matt, GW and fellow traveler.

Matt, GW and fellow traveler.

GW and Matt had to tackle Rainy Pass that day, which is basically just 65 miles of climbing, deer and rain (hence Rainy Pass). The support vehicle went and did some very important things too, like hike.

I'm not super sure how but those boys made over Rainy pass, and it was such a miserable day that I got us a hotel room to sleep in because they were soaked to the core and did so much riding that I could not just let them sleep in tents.

On day three we said our goodbyes - GW promising to wear sunscreen and be safe, I promising to cut the grass. He had a much better riding day with sun and 70's weather. The SPOT tracker has proven to be a nice way to keep track of him and would highly recommend watching him. It's pretty cool. 

Until Next Time!

-Alaska Support Crew