Out with the Divide, In with the Cascade

It is about a week away from the start of my trip.  Most people reading this know that I am riding from Canada to Mexico, but believe that I am racing the Tour Divide.  Unfortunately, that is not happening this year.  

Each step of the way has been quite challenging.  I had a great start to my training and continued the momentum through the winter into the spring. At some point I became exhausted. Not necessarily with riding my bike, but with everything else- 

“Was I preparing my route correctly? Is my gear the correct gear :  It needs to be lighter if I want to go faster : should I dump another $1,000.00 in to my sleep system? Was my bike the correct bike? How was my time going to match up against faster elite riders?”

All of these question getting pounding into my mind from many different places caused me to realize I had lost the meaning of why I wanted to race the divide in the first place. I think if you ask any successful endurance athlete about your mental game, they will tell you that it has to be in check before you set off trying to accomplish a huge race such as the tour divide.  Simply put, my mental game was not interested in the Tour Divide this year. I'm looking forward to racing the Tour Divide in the future.

I have decided to take on the Adventure Cycling Association’s Sierra Cascade Route.  Twisting its way through Washington, Oregon, and California, the route will take me over 20 mountain passes, and will criss-cross the PCT 25 times over 2,398 miles.  I have 31 days to complete this goal.

Due to the fact that I have had to set up my monthly infusions several month in advance for the anticipated Tour Divide Grand Departure, I am having my own Grand Departure of sorts on the same day, June 10th.  Follow my SPOT tracker on my home page to see my progress.

Thanks for the support everyone! ( Especially Sandlin Seguin, who gave me her kidney...)